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Roof Restoration Project - Sarasota, Florida

Fisherman's Cove Condominium
Sarasota, Florida

This 46,000 sq. ft. condominium roof restoration in Sarasota, Florida consists of two resident buildings 21,000 sq. ft. each and a clubhouse that is 4,000 sq.ft. The existing roof system was a FiberTite .30 mil single-ply membrane approximately 18 years old. The system was failing and was in need of a waterproofing restoration.

Sarasota Roof - Before

The Condominium Board decided to restore the roof with a commercial grade, high-solid (96%) silicone with Progressive Materials and hired Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to complete the restoration work.

The roof system was power washed and cleaned, and then a base coat of primer was installed for adhesion. The final application consisted of a 10 year full-system manufacturer specification of 2.0 gallons of material per square. Walkway pads were installed using additional silicone and standard roofing granule for protection around a/c pods.

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Sarasota Roof - After

You guys did an amazing job. I didn't have one complaint from any of my 86 units in two condominium buildings and in fact, for the most part, we didn't even realize you were working. 'The work was performed timely (20 days) and considering there was a liquidated damage clause in the contract after 45 days, you performed above our expectations. The neighboring condominium even called me to tell me how pleasant the new roof looks!

Rhonda Holiday
Property Manager
Fisherman's Cove Condominium
Sarasota, Florida

Everything was clean, organized and all of the equipment and material was safely stored within a fenced-in storage area daily. I never had any worries with all of the cars coming and going throughout the day from overspray because you protected against that daily. You guys did an excellent job and worked well with the a/c guys that needed access through the project to work on tenants' a/c units. I would highly recommend Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to every condominium in Florida.

Dan Bronchorst
Maintenance Director
Fisherman's Cove Condominium
Sarasota, Florida

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